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October 19, 2007



Great evils are done by men (and women) when the victim whether human or animal is made an object in the perpetrator's mind. Hence we have the willingness of the soldier to kill, maim and torture while involved in war, the willingness of clerics to torture to change the thinking of people during the Spanish (Catholic) inquisition, the willingness of senior corporate executives to ruin the lives of thousands of ordinary people just to make a few more million dollars. The weapons industry scientists, engineers and workers who spend their working lives making more heinous means of destroying their fellow humans, the world rulers who set in motion wars and famines that kill millions just to bolster their own egos.

These ones are not greatly different that the subject of your post, they dehumanize people, objectify them and animals as well, all sentient life and maim and destroy for their own interest not feeling the pain and sorrow they cause, excusing themselves for in their minds the victims are mearly objects, not real humans like they are. A sad commentary on mankind, I look for a better day.

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