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October 29, 2007



This statement is very true. I brought back a laptop to futureshop after software set up done at futureshop (paid good buck for it too) did not result in good performance. I returned the new machine to futureshop and waited, and waited, their tech people were not even able to get to it, I reclaimed same and had it fixed by someone capable of doing it .

Techs working for these businesses are greatly underpaid and have to invest a lot to learn skills then are paid $10.00 an hour for their skill. Working in PC field is a good way to starve.


I'm a professional Negotiator and have owned several businesses - all in the service, home-service related industries. A smart tech learns a little about entrepreneurship (accounting, marketing, merchant accounts, etc)and competes with all the incompetents out there. In a sea of incompetent computer repair people, doing good work and keeping your word puts you in the 99% easily. I currently consult for a drive-to-your-home breakfix/webdesign company in Austin, Texas.

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